SHMILY coins

Why a coin?

They fit easily in your pocket or purse.
  • They are heavy-duty, durable, and made to last.   
SHMILY Coins create greater joy than finding any loose change!

Where are some great places to hide SHMILY coins?

• Shoe
• Purse
• Lunchbag
• Wallet
• Briefcase
• Pants pocket
• In a card
• Under pillow
• Cellphone case
• Desk drawer
• Care package
• Cosmetic bag

Who uses SHMILY coins?
Anyone who wants to show their love in an unexpected, thoughtful or fun way!

One of the best qualities of a SHMILY coin is that it can (and should!) be used over and over. Each time it is exchanged, the recipient is unsure when or where it will reappear next.

SHMILY coins quickly become treasured tokens to share with loved ones at weddings,  marriage retreats, family reunions, military deployments,
funerals, or other emotional events where it is especially meaningful to show one's love.

Many families have found SHMILY coins to be the perfect addition to their Christmas cards! Family and friends are surprised by these thoughtful tokens and begin using them as a new family tradition!