SHMILY Reviews

"As author of the book: The Five Love Languages, I really like Scott and Jennifer Ertl's SHMILY coin. It is a unique way to visually and physically remind family members of your love."

Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
Dr. Gary Chapman endorses SHMILY coins
Deal Sharing Aunt reviews SHMILY coins

"These were really cool...I especially recommend the coins for
married couples that want a reminder of their courtship!"

-Vicky Brinius
Blog: Deal Sharing Aunt
Palmetto Queen reviews SHMILY coins
"SHMILY has become a fun little game for the two of us
and has really revamped the romance in our lives."

-Cari George
Blog: The Palmetto Queen
Temporary Waffle reviews SHMILY coins
"This is a great way to start up a fun family tradition that sends positive messages to each other and encourages each to do good for another."

-Amanda Turner
Blog: Temporary Waffle
Saving Money and Having Fun With Liz reviews SHMILY coins
"I really love this idea of the SHMILY coins.
It is a wonderful way to express your feelings to that
someone special in a new and special way."

-Elizabeth Bubel
Blog: Saving Money and Having Fun With Liz
trying To Go Green reviews SHMILY coins

"SHMILY coins renew the playful part of any loving relationship."

-Angie Kunst
Blog: Trying To Go Green
Stay at Home Mom reviews SHMILY coins

"These are really a great way to show people
how much you love them and care about them"

-Susan Cook
Blog: Stay At Home Mom

Adventures of a Midlife Mommy reviews SHMILY coins

"In our fast paced, material driven world,
it's nice to find a simple gift that can make such a great impact."

-Niki Stutts
Blog: Adventures of a Midlife Mommy

Sandling All Day reviews SHMILY coins
"We sent a SHMILY coin to his Grandma (my mom) who, when she received it, called my son immediately, and told him that she was so surprised to get his card, but when she went online to find out more about the coin, she said that it was the best gift she'd gotten. (hey.. what about that clay dinosaur I made in 2nd grade!!!)"

-Marianne Sandling
Blog: Sandling All Day
SImply Sherryl reviews SHMILY coins
"Being small, they can be easily hidden anywhere! Finding one will surely offer a burst of love as they are intended and have your special person wearing a smile. We all need to be reminded that we are loved!"

-Sherryl Wilson
Blog: Simply Sherryl
Micki's Random Musings reviews SHMILY coins

"I was so touched by this story and the idea behind the coins I couldn’t wait to get started with my children. Our coins has been hidden in cabinets, draws, under pillows, the bathroom, closets, shoes, coat pockets, shelves and so many different places. What surprised me was when my son wanted to hide them in family members' houses and share love with them as well. Imagine all the fun you can have with these coins. "

-Nicki Stephens
Blog: Nicki's Random Musings
Everyday Life reviews SHMILY coins

"I started by putting a SHMILY coin on my son's video game. He came to me with this funny look and says 'Mom you left this toy in my room.''

"I know, I said it means See How Much I Love You."

"Cool, but what do I do with it"

"You hide it when I'm not looking, so when I find it, I know you love me"

"Sweet, a new game" and off he ran.

-Rebecca Bryant
Blog: Everyday Life
Lil Debi reviews SHMILY coins

"If you're looking for a different Valentine's Day gift than the usual flowers and chocolate, these would be a great idea."

-Debi Fitzsimmons
Blog: Lil Debi As Mama

Down South Savings reviews SHMILY coins

"When I opened my package and read the entire SHMILY story it brought a tear to my eye! Just the simple things in life make it so much more worth while. There are so many ways to show your love to someone without spending a ton of money doing so!"

-April Wray
Blog: Down South Savings
Frugal Fabulous Finds reviews SHMILY Coins

"I absolutely love the SHMILY story, and the fact that this incredible new concept of the SHMILY coins was born. What a unique, and fun way to show your loved ones…”See how much I love you“. My husband and I have had these coins for a couple weeks now, and we have had so much fun hiding them and surprising one another."

-Melissa Roach
Blog: Frugal Fabulous Finds
My Springfield Mommy reviews SHMILY coins

"I love the whole SHMILY concept, the story behind the coin is so sweet and inspiring, it is a great way to nurture a marriage--it keeps things exciting. I like the ideas of taking SHMILY coin beyond the marriage to other relationships in your life--parent-child, sibling and any other special relationship."

-Margie Brill
Blog: My Springfield Mommy
Modern-n-Crunchy reviews SHMILY coins
"The perfect wedding gift--Indeed!"

-Amy Lomboy
Blog: Modern -n- Crunchy
The Frugal Navy Wife reviews SHMILY coins!
"These coins are great surprises to hide inside care packages when your service member is deployed. This is also a great game to play at home."

-Danielle Leonard
Blog: The Frugal Navy Wife
In Random reviews SHMILY Coins
"My teenage son found the coin and played with it all day at school, laughing when he got home, but I knew it meant something the way he held on to it and never gave it back."

-Amanda Chilson
Blog: in Random
Things Sent My Way reviews SHMILY coins
"We don't often get to tell the people who are important to us how much we love them, but leaving a SHMILY coin is the simplest way to just remind your children, parents and friends that you do love them and you love them so much."

-Michelle Brewer
Blog: Things Sent My Way
Bassgiraffes Thoughts reviews SHMILY coins

Lee decided that during nap time she would get up and clean the whole playroom. The playroom was a complete MESS and I didn’t look forward to cleaning it after nap. When I came down Lee was standing there with a HUGE smile on her face and said, “I cleaned the playroom for you mommy, see how much I love you!”

-Erica Kloetstra
Blog: Bassgiraffe's Thoughts
Saps Mama reviews SHMILY coins

"My favorite hiding spot I have come up with so far is hiding the SHMILY coin under the magnetic measuring spoon we use for measuring our laundry detergent so when SAPsDaDa does laundry during the day while I am working it dropped right into his hand! He never suspected a thing!"

-Melissa Phinney
Blog: Saps Mama
Everyday Ramblings Of My Life reviews SHMILY coins
"My hubby texted me to tell me he enjoyed our card and he LOVED the SHMILY Coin!"

-Tara Funair
Blog: Everyday Ramblings Of My Life
Marlie and Me reviews SHMILY coins
"I have certainly enjoyed surprising my loved ones with SHMILY coins...The great thing about SHMILY coins is that they can be personalized by you and used for so many occasions.

-Teresha Freckleton-Petite
Blog: Marlie And Me
Kerrific Online reviews SHMILY coins

"I think it would be so fun to send these in birthday or holiday cards to those you care about with a copy of the story. It will be something they treasure and when they see it they will always think of you."

-A. Kerr
Blog: Kerrific Online
Better on a Budget Blog reviews SHMILY coins
"I would recommend these to anyone looking for a simple, easy, and meaningful way to show just a little bit more love in the home.  These coins have led to more hugs, more smiles, and more expressions of love in my home."

-Evelyn Cox
Great Contradictions reviews SHMILY coins
"SHMILY Coins help to create happy memories in some many different ways for so many different relationships whether it be for couples being showered with coins on their wedding day, parent/child to help remind them while they are away at school/sleepover/camp/etc, or just to ignite the bond in your marriage!"

-Natalie Zanatta
Blog: Great Contradictions